About My Service Product in General

How Do I Sign Up for this Service?
You can sign up for this service by clicking on the REGISTER button and following the prompts.
How Do I Know that my Registration was Successful?
We shall send you a registration confirmation, with all your details, chosen options and benefits, to your specified email address.
How Do I Use this Service?
Your service and benefits are available online via this product website.
What Do I do if I Can't Login?
We do apologise for any inconvenience. Login failures could be the result of various problems, such as the delay of your registration data to be available on our Login site. You are welcome to contact our CRM department via online chat, email or telephone in the meantime.
What are my Payment Options?
You may pay your monthly subscription fees via your MasterCard, VISA or CUP debit or credit card.
How Can I Increase the Value of my Benefits?
Your service benefits may be increased subject to your disposable income and the product option you choose.
Can I Change my Product Option?
You may change your product option at any time, subject to your disposable income, via the self service options under Login on this website.
When will Fees be Deducted from my Card Account?
If you have not made a secure payment during your registration process, your once-off registration fee will automatically be debited within 24 hours of registration. All other fees and amounts due will be collected automatically as close as possible to your pay day.
How Do I Request a Refund?
A refund request should be done in writing to the client care email address as listed in the Contact Us section of this website, or via the self service functions under Login.
How Do I Cancel my Subscription?
During the first 30 days after signing up for this service, you may cancel immediately, by writing to the client care email address as listed in the Contact Us section of this website, or via the self-service functions under Login. Should you wish to cancel later than 30 days after signing up, you must give us at least one calendar month’s written notice. All outstanding monthly subscription fees shall be due and payable upon cancellation of your subscription to our services.

About My Emergency Mobile Response Service

How Do I List My Emergency Contacts?
You may list the people or professionals, with their contact details, that you would want to respond to your emergency, by writing to the client care email address as listed in the Contact Us section of this website, or via the self-service functions under Login.
How Do I Activate Response in Case of an Emergency?
All you must do is install the iSOS application from Google Play and press the appropriate button in case of a specific emergency.
Can I Change My Listed Mobile Number?
Yes, you may change your listed mobile number in our records, at any time, by writing to the Client Care email address as listed in the Contact Us section of this website, or via the self-service functions under Login.

About My Emergency Legal Assistance Service

What Do I Do Should I Require Telephonic Legal Advice?
Should you wish to speak to an attorney in case of a Legal Emergency, just call our product hotline as listed in the header of this website, or see the contact details as listed in the Request Service section via the self-service functions under Login.
What Do I Do Should I Wish to Use My Own Lawyer?
Simply contact our Client Care department and provide the details of the lawyer of your choice, as well as a proforma-invoice for a 30-minute consultation from your lawyer. Once approved, our, Client Care Department will arrange payment to your lawyer and you may book your consultation.

About My Emergency Cash Reward

How Do I Access my Reward Allowance?
After you have completed the online registration process and you have paid your Annual Registration Fee & 1st Monthly Subscription Fee, you can simply login and request your 1st Cashback Loyalty Reward from our website and we shall, subject to your Reward Allowance Limit, transfer your requested Loyalty Allowance amount to your card within 24 Hours. Please note that it may take up to a few days to reflect in your account.
What is my Initial Loyalty Reward Allowance Limit?
Your Initial Loyalty Allowance Limit is subject to your chosen product option, as listed on the How It Works page.
Can I Increase my Loyalty Reward Allowance Limit?
Your Loyalty Reward Allowance Limit is subject to your chosen product option and your disposable income.
When can I Access my Maximum Loyalty Reward Allowance?
During the first three months you may only access your Initial Loyalty Reward Allowance Limit, where after you will enjoy access to your full maximum Loyalty Reward Allowance, subject to you being up to date with your monthly subscription fee payments.
Is my Loyalty Reward Allowance Repayable?
No, your Loyalty Reward Allowance is a grant from us to thank you for your loyalty and to reward you for making regular subscription payments, and does not have to be repaid.
How Long Do Loyalty Reward Allowance Pay-Outs Take?
In some instances, we might be unable to process reward payments directly to your debit / credit card due to restrictions within the banking system. Should this be the case, we effect pay-outs through alternative channels, such as PayPal or EFT to your bank account. Pay-outs to debit / credit cards are immediate, whilst pay-outs to PayPal or your bank account are usually effected on the next business day after we receive your request and might even reflect in your account a few days later.