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CareAssist provides Emergency Mobile Response and an Online Life Coaching Service on subscription with Loyalty Rewards for annual subscribers.

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CareAssist is an Emergency Mobile Response Application & Online Life Coaching Service with Loyalty Rewards for annual subscribers.

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Emergency Mobile Response
LifeGuru Online Coaching
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1. iSOS Emergency Mobile Response APP

Don’t PANIC! With our iSOS Emergency Mobile Response Application, HELP from Friends, Family and Emergency Professionals is only a button press away!

Our iSOS Emergency Mobile Response Application is a Mobile Panic Button that notifies your predefined list of friends, family members or emergency professionals of your emergency via SMS and telephone. Each of the 9 Emergency Response Buttons are configurable to send a text message with your location to a selected responder and to place a call to a responder.

All you must do is install the iSOS application and configure your response options. Simply click on the iSOS link below and follow the instructions.

2. LifeGuru Personal Life Coaching Service

Upwardly mobile consumers often have the need for personal growth and evolution.

To help you grow into your full potential, we offer our LifeGuru Personal Coaching Service, via scheduled online chat sessions of 30 minutes, to assist you with Goal Fulfilment, Improving Relationships and Personal Development.

To qualify for this benefit, you are required to be up to date with all your subscription fee payments.

Monthly Life Coaching Session Limits are determined by your chosen product option:
Bronze: 1; Silver: 2; Gold: 4

3. Subscription Loyalty Rewards

Earn Loyalty Rewards to help you get the things you need most.

Our Annual Subscription Loyalty Rewards are accessible online through this product website. You can access this reward immediately after paying your annual registration fee and 1st monthly subscription fee, without having to wait!

Simply request your desired Reward from our website and we shall process your request expediently, usually within 48 Hours, dependant on information accuracy and holidays.

To qualify for your Annual Subscription Loyalty Reward, you are required to be up to date with your monthly subscription fee payments in respect of your annual subscription.

Your Maximum Annual Subscription Loyalty Reward is determined by your chosen product option: Bronze: $ 200.00, Silver: $ 300.00, Gold: $ 3400.00. You may request up to 25% of your Maximum Annual Subscription Loyalty Reward in a particular billing month.

4. RewardsBoost

Earn 50% MORE Cash Rewards by activating RewardsBoost on your CareAssist subscription!

RewardsBoost Cash Rewards is accessible after your 1st subscription year and for 6 months after your annual CareAssist renewal, if you are up to date with your monthly subscription fee payments.

Your Annual RewardsBoost Cash Rewards and monthly subscription increase is determined by your chosen product option:

Bronze: $ 100.00 Extra Rewards for only $ 4.99 more.
Silver: $ 150.00 Extra Rewards for only $ 7.49 more.
Gold: $ 200.00 Extra Rewards for only $ 9.99 more.


You are liable for an annual registration fee equivalent to one month’s service subscription. All your product benefits are included as part of your annual service subscription fee, which is payable in 12 monthly instalments.

We will charge a small amount, usually $ 0.10 as a once-off card verification fee upon registration.

During the first 30 days after signing up for this service, you may cancel immediately for a full refund of any monthly subscription fees paid, less the value of any benefits received by you. Should you wish to cancel later than 30 days after signing up, you must give us at least one calendar month’s written notice and you would be required to repay any loyalty rewards that you have received.

It is important to note that, in the event where you elect to cancel your annual subscription with us, all your outstanding monthly fees will remain due and payable to us.

We reserve the right to amend any of the terms and conditions of our service offering, including price, at any time, and such changes will be reflected in the content of this website.
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